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Feed and Feeding off the young

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In an age where eating healthy and looking healthy is one of the top concerns, fast food restaurants are still attacking the future. To attack the future fast food restaurants attack the children, which in turn leads the problem in circles. Big name companies have hit it big because they have done something to appeal to children. Millions of dollars are invested into making the restaurant appealing to children. The results are toys, treats, playgrounds, and the latest crazes amongst young children, such as beanie babies, and hot wheels. Even toddlers are welcomed at food restaurants, Sue Glibert, a consulting nutritionist says that, “Babies have no need to consume foods which have been highly salted, nor eat fatty foods that come without other important nutrients”. However time is the number one reason why parents have to turn to these artery clogging foods, and if a child has been there once, you are guaranteed to be found there again. Fast food restaurants do not care about mom or dad, they want your little ones, because they will be bringing in the most money now, and in the future they will be bringing in their little ones.

The habits that start with you when you are young tend to stick. The habit of eating at fast food restaurants is a habit that will not only make you a heavy child but it will also leave you with a life long battle. Every kid wants to be a big kid faster, but no kid wants to have big kid or adult health problems, however that is exactly what they are getting. 00 000 people a year are dieing of obesity, children are appearing with diseases that in the past were only found in adults. More children then ever before are suffering from diabetes, sleep apnea, and respiratory problems; all of these illnesses are obesity related. 1 in 7 kids in the UK suffer from asthma; scientists suspect poor nutrition is the leading cause for this amongst children. In a study conducted in the UK 100 children with symptoms of asthma and 00 children without asthma proved to have completely different diets. A spokes person for Burger King replied to this study by saying “Our understanding is that this study does not suggest that eating fast food contributes to the likelihood of asthma, but eating a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables can help prevent it.” With consumers like that how can parents trust them to prepare their children’s meals? Burger King also stated that hamburgers are a part of a well balanced diet. Every week in the U.S over 10 million people get some sort of reaction or get sick from a food borne illness, of that over 10 million over 0 000 become hospitalized weekly and 14 die annually. E Coli is the leading cause of kidney failure amongst children under 5, it only takes a small piece of uncooked hamburger meat to kill an adult or a small child. Small children need a balanced diet of all 4 food groups, young children are at their prime for choosing what health path they will lead. The sad reality is that most parents do not realize how badly they are effecting their kids, instead they rather make them happy at the moment by bringing them to that restaurant that keeps them happy and entertained for that short span of time.

Fast food restaurants have every trick up their sleeve to keep your children wanting more. Fast food restaurants know that targeting children while they are watching television is the most productive way to lure you and your kids in. Parents use the television as a substitute babysitter while they get their things done. If a child is only exposed to Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut commercials all morning, by the time lunch time comes around your child is going to be screaming for you to take them there. Fast food restaurants are sneaky, they are obviously aware that young children cannot drive themselves to their restaurants. This in turn leads to the mom or dad giving them a ride, and while the parent is there they realize the convenience in picking up some food for the rest of the family as well. If a fast food restaurant can appeal to one child, they know that that one child will bring in or more customers. What would a child enjoy better then a game, treat, or fun after they have eaten their entire meal? Fast food restaurants know that every child likes to be rewarded, toys act as great reward and it often leads to parents having to come back week after week. Mc Donald’s is famous for its ‘Treats of the Week’ where every week a new treat is added in with your meal. The catch with the ‘Treat of the Week’ and the toys handed out in the ‘Happy Meals’ is that they come in a collection, and every week a new toy is given out for the collection. Before beanie babies was introduced as a part of the Mc Donald’s ‘Happy Meal’, Mc Donald’s was ranking in $10 million per week, while the beanie babies promotion was running Mc Donald’s was making up to $100 million a week. In December of 000 Mc Donald’s added a scholarship sweepstakes to their ‘Happy Meals’, this gave families even more reason to try their luck in winning $5 000 for their children’s education. Every trick has been used to get young kids into a fast food restaurant with their families. Most fast food restaurants even offer high chairs and quiet areas for toddlers, and playgrounds for the older ones. Mc Donald’s owns more playgrounds then the U.S government. In 18 around the world 6% of all kids could identify Ronald McDonald, friendly characters, toys, and playgrounds are not all that fast Food restaurants have used to lure kids in. 001 was the year when “Gross was cool” Heinz invented purple and green ketchup which went hand in hand with Burger King’s 1 month long promotion of “Choose the Oosze”. This promotion allowed kids to brighten up their burgers and fries with colourful condiments, Burger King spokes man stated that “ It is the companies hottest promotion in years” . With all of this to offer to kids, it is still not the number one reason why parents choose to bring their kids to artery clogging restaurants.

Time is a problem that many parents face when it comes preparing meals. Nowadays both parents work and by the time they get home standing in front of an oven for an hour may not be something they look forward to. The convenience of being able to drive up to a window in the comfort of your own car leaves many families lacking the nutrients they need to live longer. Research shows that on average one meal of your day will be from a fast food restaurant. Many children participate in activities such as soccer, baseball, or hockey, in between running around to ensure your children get to all of their events on time, quick stops at fast food restaurants leave everyone happy. Breakfast is not called the most important meal of the day for no reason, and that is why many fast food restaurants have jumped on to that idea and began offering greasy breakfast meals. Parents who pick up breakfast from a fast food restaurant before dropping their kids off at school do not realize that all they are feeding their kids are empty calories. Children who do not eat a good breakfast in the morning become lazy throughout the day and they do not perform as well as children who do eat healthy in the morning. Fast food is often affordable, it saves time and money, but it definitely does not save lives.

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Fast Foods effect on society is not a good one, it is unhealthy and only has negative effects. If parents do have to bring their kids to a fast food restaurant, opt for the healthier choices. Choose juice or milk over pop, and do not supersize a child’s meal. Kids are learning at a young age that it is ok to eat fast food as often as you like, it’s the cheap toys and other gimmicks that are playing the role in your child’s diet. If a child is taught at a young age that Fast food should be eaten as often as a birthday cup cake, the children of tomorrow will have less health complications, and they will be living longer lives. However the reality is that children are getting grown up diseases, and are adopting grown up weight. What is worse is that it is not just the fault of the parents, it is the fault of society as a whole. The best way to deal with Fast food restaurants is to just not go at all, but in an age where time is money fast food restaurants will always get the best of us, our heart, our kidneys and loved ones.

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