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discriminatin in modern american schools

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More than 40 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, racial discrimination and segregation still remains a very large problem in most American schools. Historically, the public, or common, school was viewed as a place where children would come together and grow alike as Americans. But reality is that in today’s educational system, schools are actually laying down the roots for racial discrimination. By the time most of us get done with high school it seems like we are naturally trained to be around people of our own skin color.

Voluntary segregation in our schools is a very large problem. If you walk into almost any high school cafeteria during lunch hour these days you are always going to see a different set of tables for each race. Blacks sit with the Blacks, Whites with other Whites, Latinos only with Latinos and so on and so forth. Even though I am of South Asian descent I am often mistaken for being African American because of my dark skin complexion. I attended my early days of high school in a predominantly white neighborhood. In school it seemed like it was % White. It was probably somewhere around 80% but regardless me along with my two cousins were the only South Asians at this school and almost everybody else was Black or White. I still remember my first day at school when during lunch I decided to sit next to a friend that I met in my previous class. He was White and sitting with a group of his friends, all White. It seemed like every student in the entire cafeteria was staring at our table. I remember popular name for me or any other Black student who was seen with white students was “Oreo”. By the end of that semester I was more comfortable having lunch with my Black friends.

I remember how during pickup basketball games during gym class it was always one race against another. Even though I don’t think anyone intended it to be a racial thing I think almost everyone felt comfortable picking someone of their own race to be part of their team. Until I started hanging out with mostly Black students I was never really picked up by any teams during basketball. It seemed like until then I was always an outsider as I was neither White nor Black. I also remember that whenever most of my Black friends got in trouble they always felt more comfortable when it was one of the Black administrators that they had to deal with. It was a very common belief that someone with your same skin color should have a spot in their heart for you and should go easy on you with the punishment. Black students always went to Black teachers for any personal advice and the Whites vice versa.

After my junior year our family moved to a different neighborhood. This time school was much more diverse but it still had almost all the same qualities as my previous. Only difference was things seemed to even out more, as there were more races in play. My new school had almost equal number of Asians and Latinos as White and Black. This time even I was more comfortable just making friends my race as there was a lot more of them. By the end of my high school days I had barely had any friends outside my race.

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Racism today is not as obvious as it was in the past; there arent people of color drinking from different water fountains. But when I open my eyes and honestly look around at the world around me, I see that racial inequality still exists. It starts early on in life when you are faced with the choice of being with the people of or own color or being an outsider. It was always a very popular belief that education would be helpful in getting rid of racial discrimination. After my experiences in high school and becoming more comfortable with just my own race I would disagree.

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