Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Computers good or bad

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Computers are blessing or curse? When asking people this question you can often get contrasting views, either for or against. One believes computers are the greatest invention since sliced bread and we would not be able to live a normal life without them, the other declares that computers may well be the death knell of society as we know it.

Going back 00 years the world was a vast mass of sea and land that took months if not years to cross from one continent to the next. Nowadays we can press a button on a phone or computer and be communicating with someone halfway across the world within seconds. If we choose to see that same person we can connect the net and see that person on our web camera. It really is quite mind-boggling the speed at which knowledge has increased over the last 00 years and especially the last 50 years because of the computer age.

Computers even offer advantages to college students. Any student who has used a word processor will know one compelling reason to use a computer to write papers. Most of them find revising and editing much easier on the computer. One can alter, insert, or delete just by pressing few keys, thus eliminating the need to rewrite or retype. Furthermore, since the revision is less burdensome, students are more likely to revise as often as is necessary to end up with the best paper possible. For these reasons, many freshman English courses require the use of a word processor.

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