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Bruce Dawe Wepons Training

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The poem starts in the middle of a sentence, giving the impression that we might have fallen asleep like one of the young recruits being shouted at. It serves to catch our attention.

Note the use of spaces and pauses these indicate a dramatic monologue, because they are natural spaces to take breath. Dramatic monologues give insight into the speaker, their situation, and the people around the speaker and their reactions.

pitter-patter is generally a gentle sound, but in this context it is made to sound harsh.

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are you a queer? - this question reflects the tone of the whole poem to be called a queer is obviously insulting to these men. Also is the start of a whole string of insults littered through the monologue, delivered in a blunt, confronting tone. The question mark is also the first use of punctuation, as the speaker pauses for impact - and breath.

Eventually we get to the heart of the matter - the instructions the sergeant is giving Cockpit drill where soldiers drop to the ground and return fire, and the weapon checks.

The poem is full of crude sexual references Cockpit drill and crown jewels, for example.

mob of the little yellows - the sergeant dehumanises the enemy by making a racist comment, thus making it easier for the soldiers to kill them (if theyre not really people, it doesnt matter if they die).

turning the key in the ignition, apart from being an obvious reference to sex, serves to give the soldiers hope by reminding them of coming back home.

The sergeant has drifed slightly, with alright now he gets back on track, and throws a problem at the soldiers, to make them feel uncomfortable. They are conscript soldiers and unusued to the strict discipline of the Army; the sergeant must show his authority to impress into them the necessity of listening to him its the only hope theyve got of staying alive.

He drops back into dramatic monologue, using you all the way because in the end it will be up to the individual soldiers to determine what happens to them.

a number-one blockage refers to a certain technical problem. The sargeant is teaching his soldiers to learn by terrorising them.

Charlies is a racist name given to the Viet Cong. At every opportunity he degrades the enemy rotten fish-sauce breath; they are ugly, etc.

its not a womans tit - back to sex references, reinforced with worse luck - because in this case, its bad luck its not a woman!

tripes is slang for guts (w

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