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Blow essay

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Blow is a drug-based drama about the drug smuggling ring from Columbia to the United States in the 160’s. Like both Requiem for a Dream and Traffic, the director’s (Ted Demme) aspect of the movie manages to not just focus on the main point about the drug culture but focuses on the life of drug dealer George Jung (Johnny Depp) and his family. It not only shows George in the present tense, but it shows his childhood, teenage, middle-aged, and old aged years. This movie sucks the viewer into it as if he/she is George themselves. +Blow is an emotional and simply outstanding drama. Johnny Depp is a marvelous actor; The plot was brilliant; The characters are stupendous.

Johnny Depp is a marvelous actor. Playing the character of George requires him to literally transform himself from an early twenty year old man who is full of energy and always up for a good lay and a smoke to a fifty/sixty year old man who has been ripped apart from life. Throughout the movie, Depp shows an infinite amount of emotion and character to this movie that makes it though as if he is the real George Jung. Critic James Berardinelli says, “Depp doesn’t miss a beat. We see all of George’s sides the arrogance, the anger, the fear, the insecurity, and the remorse”. For example during the movie, George shows strong feelings towards his daughter when he is in jail but his daughter hates her father because of the ordeal. George, pissed off about breaking his promise with his little girl, bangs on the glass window with great force with tears running down his face. His emotion is so strong it almost puts the audience in tears.

The plot was brilliant. Demme shows this movie in a way no one has ever interpreted before. Demme doesn’t show this movie as an autopsy of the drug industry but yet shows the viewers inside the mind of George Jung, and about the choices he makes that carries him from the top of his dreams to the bottom of his nightmares. ”Based on a true story and employing a voice over narrative, Blow shows George’s insatiable desire for material possessions leads him to betray, or be betrayed by, nearly everyone he knows or loves”, states critic James Berardinelli from Reel Views. For example in one scene George goes back home to seek shelter from his parents. His mother, on the other hand calls the police on him because she doesn’t want anything to do with George and his criminal ways.

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The characters are stupendous. Now, Johnny Depp does not take all the credit for this movie, it is the other characters that make this possible. Such as Jordi MolliĆ  who plays George’s Colombian cellmate. While in prison, his cellmate (Jordi MolliĆ ) pursues George in changing his product of choice from marijuana to cocaine. After being freed from jail, George goes to Columbia where he gets introduced to Pablo Escobar (Cliff Curtis) who likes George’s style and accepts George into the game of drug smuggling again. This is how the main character gets into the cocaine smuggling ring. The other characters are Ray Liotta who plays George’s supportive father; Rachel Griffiths Portrays George’s mother; Penelope Cruz is George’s wife; Paul Reubens is the bisexual, Derek; Franka Potente acts as Barbara. All of these characters come together to make Blow a unique experience.

In conclusion, Blow is a fabulous movie. This is a must see movie. Johnny Depp plays George Jung to the fullest extent of his capacity. The plot for this movie is fascinating and intriguing. This keeps the viewer in his/her seat and sucks the viewer in. The actors are great and play each role beautifully. Blow is a touching and dramatic movie that will leave a tear in the viewer’s eye.


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