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Anne Frank

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There are many various personalities within the families. Anne is a lively, outgoing young

girl with positive, upbeat outlook on life. Margot is a shy, quiet, teenage girl with a reality

based outlook on their situation. Then ;you have the two girls’ parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Frank. Mr. Frank is a leader, a business man, and a family man, He and Anne attract each

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other and have a very caring father-daughter relationship. The two share similar opinions

and different feelings towards the others in the attic, but that keeps them close. Mrs.

Frank and Margot are very similar, quiet, soft spoken, and don’t make their opinions

heard. They follow Mr. Frank and don’t say much. This is why Mrs. Frank and Anne

don’t agree and why Anne prefers her father over mother.

The Van Daan Family is very discombobbled, the boy, Peter, is quiet and embarrassed by

his loud and hoity toity parents. Mrs. Van Daan is a rich spoiled woman who bases

everything on her looks, she often yells at Mr. Van Daan and barks out orders. Mr. Van

Daan is a scardy cat, he has enough money that if anything were to happen he would just

pay them off. Everything revolves around money for Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. Peter is a

simple teenage boy. Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan get along for the most part, except for their

quarrels. Peter is embarrassed by his parents but still loves them and tolerates them.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Daans old way of life has created some difficulties. The other

problems mainly are caused by little quirks people have like smoking, sleeping habits,

using a room too long, small things end up in big fights.

. Anne is like teens of today in the sense that she enjoys movies, movie stars, and

pictures of them. Such as many of us do today. She also has an older sister that has

already lived her teen years and can give advice. One of the other more obvious things is

that she has a crush, and wants a boyfriend. This boy is Peter. They begin sharing more

time together and become more open with each other. If Anne was here today, she would

be an honor student, popular, lots of friends, very friendly and outgoing. She would also

probably have a boyfriend too. All because she was nice and smart and funny.

. This quote means, your mind is yours, you are free to expand it or keep it as sheltered

as you wish. You are free to think whatever you want and no one can stop you. Also you

have the power to become as smart as you want, learn and be taught as much as you can

take. There are no limits. It is for you to decide. This quote lets teens think that they

must be like everyone else, they must think and do like all the others. This is false, untrue.

Teens these days have so many different opportunities they should expand their mind, use

all their resources and be the best they can be.

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