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Agro Tourism refers to tours, which covers the agricultural activities of a country. It is different from normal tours that concentrate more on cities, towns and historical sites.

Agro Tourism is a relatively new concept in the east, especially so in Malaysia. Although it is widely practiced in other regions of the world, it has yet to catch on in Malaysia. Nevertheless, there is no shortage in demand for it. As the world is more aware of the need to preserve the environment or to experience cultural diversity, more and more tourists are seeking such tours.

This trend of travel favouring over other forms of consumption is more evident with increases in personal disposable income and rising affluence even among domestic travellers.

Newcos Agro Tourism Packages are categorised and based on commodities viz

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A. Agricultural / Horticultural Tours

B. Aquacultural / Marine Tours

C. Ecological Tours

D. Rural / Cultural ours

E. Zoological Tours

Organised Half-Day / Full Day / Days & 1 Night Package Tours, covering

A. Agriculture / Horticulture

- Fruit orchards, Food production areas - paddy / rice cultivation, vegetables, cash crops holding, e,g. smallholders durian farms, private Tropical Fruits Farm in Balik Pulau

- Industrial crops plantations e,g, oil palm, rubber, coconut, cocoa in Seberang Perai

- Horticultural and floral farms

- Herbal, medicinal and spice plantations e.g. Balik Pulau

- Visits to food processing centres, cottage industries and factories

- Visits to private or government agricultural research stations

- Visits to coincide with major agricultural and horticulural events such as Floral Shows and Competitions, Farmers Day Celebrations, Malaysian Agricultural and Horticultural Association (MAHA) Show & Exhibition, etc.

B. Aquaculture / Marine

- Caged Fish culture off Pulau Aman

- Cockles farms in the vicinty of Pulau Aman

- Prawn farms in Juru, Sg, Acheh

- Sport Fishing off Pulau Gedong

- Ornamental Fish breeding / rearing on Penang island

- Cottage industries for sea food production, processing of prawn paste, handicrafts from seashells and fish scales, marine canning industries

C. Ecological

- Mangrove swamps off coastal areas of Seberang Perai e.g. Air Hitam Dalam

- Wetlands of Briah swamps in hinterland Kerian

- Forest Aboreteum / Hutan Lipur and Forest trails at Teluk Bahang and Tasik , Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve,

- Taman Rimba Rekreasi at Titi Krawang

- Pantai Kerachut Beach / Turtle Beach

- Perlis caves

- Penang Botanical Gardens

- Bird Sanctuaries at Bukit Tambun, Bukit Gemuroh and Kuala Kurau

D. Rural / Cultural

- Traditional Malay village at Kampung Mengkuang Titi

- Typical Malaysian Fishing villages at Pulau Aman

- Tranquil seasides villages of Tanjung Asam / Tanjung Bayu

- Comprehensive experience of Malay culture in minature at Kampung Seronok

- Scenic visits to Mengkuang Dam or Teluk Bahang Dam

E. Zoological

- Bird Park in Seberang Jaya, Perai

- Butterfly Farm in Teluk Bahang

- Pusat Unggas Veterinery at Bukit Tengah

- Taiping Zoo

The range of packages that have been planned are shown in the appendix.

Capital Structure

We are inviting an investment of RM 500,000 from interested investors in return for 0% equity in the proposed newco to set the plan in motion.

Share Holders Listing

The proposed shareholding structure

Shareholder A Promoter of this Business Plan 70%

Shareholder B Investor 0%

Financial Plan

The cashflow forecast is enclosed in the Appendix.

Action Plan

ɨ Set up Newco with the agreed shareholding structure and necessary paid up capital.

ɨ Appoint one of the Key Personnel as the Operations Director in charge of coming up with the operating business pla with action plan and timescale, and leading the company towards realizing the objectives.

ɨ Newco objectives shall focus on the packaging, networking and marketing of agrotourism products and tour packages to capitalise on on the potential of agricutural resources and activities as tourists attractions.

ɨ The initial role and functions of Newco is that of an events organiser and provider of agro-based tourism packages, to bridge the gap between the demand for agrotourism and rural tourism packages and the current lack of planned and coordinated promotion of agrotourism packages by local tour operators.

Other business options include the global promotion and marketing of the agrotourism packages to be developed as well as other tourism related products (e.g. souvenirs) to be offered through the company website on the internet.

Time Scale

We estimate that a period of six (6)months is required to put everything in place before we can launch the first programme.

Major milestones are as follows

ɨ Listing of probable destinations

ɨ Selection of destinations

ɨ Design / development of tour packages and their pricing

ɨ Finalisation of arrangements with plantation/site operators

ɨ Provision of basic amenities and other infrastructure

ɨ Printing of leaflets / promosional brochures

ɨ Agency agreement with selected tour operators /and hoteliers

ɨ Launching

Malaysia as a tourism driven country can do with an Agro Tourism industry. However, until today, there is no agency in Malaysia, be they government agencies or private ones, which are offering such tours on an organized and continuous basis.

For the vibrant development of the tourism industry, there is a need to diversify the tourism base to provide a wider range of attractions, facilities and services to cater for different interests and preferences of both international and local tourists. Agro Tourism provides an attractive and fresh opportunity for tourism product diversification.

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