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Adoption is an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime. Even though most adoptions work well, adoptive parents, people who have been adopted and the birth parents of children who are adopted sometimes have worries that are very different from other family problems.

Sometimes adopted children grow up and have many questions about their backgrounds. If you are over 18 years of age you have a right to access information about your background and trace members of your birth family. There are various organizations who are out to help these children find their pasts. Many offer support groups for those who do and don’t find out information on their birth families

Another part of the adoption family is that of the birth family. Many times families can lose contact with the child they have put up for adoption. There are however people who want to maintain contact with their birth-children. The same agencies that are looking to reunite children with parents look to help others continue contact with the children. Another aspect of the adopted family is the family bringing a child into their lives. These parents have to undergo extensive paper-work and background scanning. These parents need to be financially secure, so that the adoption agency can assure a good

home for the child. There are many problems these parents must face. They need to deal with questions about birth parents, and assistance with meetings and searching for backgrounds.

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In Ontario Canada the adoption process begin when first a parent surrenders a child for adoption, the laws state that the childs original Statement of Live Birth must be placed in a sealed record along with any information that might identify the childs first family. Under no condition will these records be turned over to the adoptee. When the child is adopted, the adoptive parents create a new Statement of Live Birth replacing the first parents information with their own. Essentially, the child is permanently cut off from his/her family and heritage. At no time after the adoption is finalized, can the first parents rescind their decision; at no time may they seek access to the childs new identifying information.

The above paragraph shows that the adoption process varies depending on where you live. While, the Canadian view is that the adoptee is never to find out who or what their birth-parents were like. While in the USA we have made laws allowing adoptee’s of the age of 18 or older, the ability to search out and their find birth-parents, allowing some form of relationship to possible be formed between the child and garnets.

The Catholic teaching on adoption is a positive one. The Catholic Church has become very strong in its pro-life movement. The Church sees adoption as the best alternative to abortion. Abortion is an act forbidden by the church. Every year many people gather at Washington DC to voice their opinion on the topic of abortion. Jesus taught the world that all life is sacred, as Catholics we believe that once conception has taken place a living child of God is in the womb. To take the life of that child is to murder a person of God. Adoption allows for an alternative to murder. After birthing the child the woman can be free of her “burden” and go on with her life knowing that she was not a killer but a good Christian for finding a place for the child of God to learn and grow. Most Christians have the same belief on abortion and adoption as Catholics. Although some Christians believe women have the choice to abort or have a child almost all would agree that they prefer adoption.

Many Christian backed organizations have been developed to encourage the theme of Pro-Life. Support groups, adoption agencies, and the majority of orphanages, who are looking to have their children adopted, are some how Church affiliated. Catholic support groups have been established in numerous local parishes. These groups are looking to help support all the people involved with the adoption, the adopting family, the family releasing the child, along with the adoptee themselves.

Pro-Life is a very controversial subject. The Right of Choice in the United States has created many feuds between the church and literalists. Though abortion is legal in the United States there are many government funded adoption agencies to help support the other end of the spectrum.

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