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Musical Glasses

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Imagine you are three years old again, sitting in your mother’s kitchen floor, with a wooden spoon in each hand. You have pots, pans, and bowls all around you. You raise your hands to strike the dishes when your mother says “STOP! Put those away!” Well now we are adults and no one can tell us not to play music with our dishes. It is fun and enjoyable to know how to assemble and play a musical instrument made from everyday household items. The instrument I am going to be writing about is the musical glasses. This can be done with the following items a table or any flat surface to assemble the instrument on, a table cloth or towel to steady the instrument, thin rimmed glasses such as wine glasses, a damp cloth, a shallow dish, and plenty of water.

The first step in setting up the musical glasses is to find a table with a table cloth or to place a towel on the table. This needed to help support the glasses and to keep them from spinning while they are being played. One variation to this step is to use small boxes of different sizes with a cloth draped over them. This is done so that the rimes of the glasses are all at the same height.

Next the glasses should be placed on the covered table. You will need one glass for each different note of the musical pieces to be played. The largest glasses need to be placed on the far left and they should get smaller as you move to the right. This manner of positioning is due to the fact that larger glasses produce lower pitches and the smaller glasses produce higher pitches.

After you have placed the glasses it is time to put water in them and tune your instrument. This must be done very accurately to produce the correct pitches. The more water poured into the glass the lower the pitch of the note produced from that glass. Another instrument that has been properly tuned can be used to tune your musical glasses. Adjust the amount of water in each glass until it matches the note you are aiming for. At this point you will also want to put water in the shallow dish.

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To play the musical glasses first you will need to use your damp cloth to wet the rim of the glasses. This also cleans the area which allows for a clearer tone from the glasses. The rimes of the glasses must be wet the entire time to produce the desired sound.

Next you will want to clean the finger you will be playing with using the damp cloth; and then wet it in the water dish. Never wet your finger with the water from the glasses. This will reduce the amount of water in the glass, changing the pitch produced by it. Keep the water dish close by because you will need to rewet your finger often.

Finally to produce the notes from the glasses, lightly rub the rimes of the glasses. The notes will continue even after you remove your finger. To stop this you will need to touch the side of the glass with a dry finger.

It will take some practice to play the musical glasses. With persistence you will learn it and soon you will be playing pieces by Mozart and Beethoven.

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