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Partners In Development

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Partners In Development, Inc., is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that began in 17 as an interdenominational community service center. Community volunteers and persons from area churches and civic groups supported the union. Similar to that of other organizations, Partners In Development provides administration of a food pantry, small thrift shop, and emergency assistance to needy families, Christian faith courses and a commitment to third world development. Over years, focus and efforts where aimed towards helping developing countries. Now full time attention is solely provided to third world countries.

Partners In Development, Inc., operates with a volunteer Board of Directors, volunteer executive director, and volunteer North American staff. Salaried staff includes an operational manager and support staff overseas. “Partners” has its headquarters in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and a small office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Past Accomplishments

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In the 170s fundraisers and educational events were set up to draw attention to the African drought and to sponsor emergency water programs. Since the 180s focus has been set on Haiti. Concern was that Haiti was and still remains the poorest country in its hemisphere. One out of every four children die before the age of five. Malnutrition is the main cause. Medical services are few in number and often inaccessible to the general public. 80% of the population is unemployed, while three quarters of the adult population are illiterate. Causes include a history of foreign exploitation and colonialism, poor natural resources, and a stubborn persistence on the part of foreign donors to focus on relief rather than development projects.

A number of projects are running currently at full force large scale irrigation work, reforestation programs, and the construction of a community grain mill. More recently, our board of Directors has decided to focus on four open-ended programs that will represent “Partners” long-term commitment to Haiti.

Medical Care and Partners in Development

Medical care is by far one of the most essential needs to Haiti. In most third world countries it is inadequate. In Haiti the situation is worse due to extreme poverty and political upheaval. Conditions in one of largest populated area were deemed unsafe and therefore contain not a single medical clinic. Traditional healing is relied upon greatly.

Some of Haiti’s residents have fears towards Western Medication and treatment techniques. “Partners” would like to develop a course for educating nurses and investigate modern ways to deliver medical services.

Thoughts on Jobs and Justice in the Third World

“Partners” strongly insists that all persons have the right to food, clothing, health, clean drinking water, shelter, education and work. Jobs and education serve as the basis for development with dignity. For example, persons in an impoverished village gratefully welcome the charitable drilling of a community well. Yet by far, they would prefer to be in a position to hire a national drilling company with funds of their own.

Imagine a woman who has to walk for miles with a sick baby to get to the only medical facility situated in a small mission. The facility is obviously staffed with foreign workers. Now as a mother, even although she has to walk such long distances, thanks God for its presence. But as a human being, however, she is humiliated that she needs to rely on “foreign professionals,” and she cannot even afford to pay for the services. Needs to establish training programs is essential so as to develop national professionals and create jobs, so that persons can buy their own services from their own people. This is what “Partners” believe, is development with dignity.

Child Sponsorship

During a visit to Haiti a few years ago, disturbing conditions became clear to Partners In Development. Several children from a household where suffering from premature signs of malnutrition. Oranging hair and distended stomachs. “Partners” later learnt that some of the more fortunate children were able to attend a non-government school where, in addition to receiving education, basic health care and one meal a day were available. The program that is running not only provides health and food but also tracks children’s learning needs and special abilities. In addition regular home visits are made to assist in and understand the child in the context of her total family needs.

Partners In Development believes this is critical as Haiti’s future lies in the survival and development of the children.

Family Enterprises

This program dovetails the child sponsorship work to create small income-generating enterprises for the families of the sponsored children.

Our motives where to create jobs and training programs so that parents could provide their household with the basic items for survival. A major dream of all families is to eventually relocate to another neighborhood, which undoubtedly will still be very poor and lacking in services, but will at least allow an increase in better living conditions.

The Philosophy

There is a good and compassionate God, Whose heart breaks for every malnourished child who suffers in silence, and for the nightly cries of every mother who puts a child to bed hungry. There is a God who cares deeply about a fathers painful inability to care for his family, as crops are drying in the field and there are no jobs in the urban areas. There is a God of justice Who weeps for every Renoir born into a city slum who will never own a box of crayons and for every sharp little mind that never sees the inside of a schoolhouse.

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