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newsreaders comp

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the comp is on at Morayfield Shopping Centre on June 14 at 100am You will read

short stories to camera reading from auto cue and the stories are given to you from channel . They go for 0-60seconds. They judge you on eye contact, clarity, diction, expression, physical presentation. you can wear news reader clothes or your school uniform. The prizes are pretty good - mostly $$$$ but the main prize is a tv presenters course and professional showreel which is great and worth heaps!!!!The guilds of workers and tradesmen were important components of medieval society, forming the ways in which employment and the economy were organised. Because of their power and importance in these areas, they were also made responsible for the production of the ‘Mystery’ plays, which were familiar forms of education and entertainment that took place on feast days. These plays were based on stories from the Bible and were performed either on a fixed stage in the market or town square, or on the backs of wagons.

The plays were prepared and performed by the guilds to educate the community, few of whom could read. Each guild acted out their plays, with many using their individual expertise for special effects. For example, the blacksmiths often told stories involving hell because they could create spectacular fire effects, and Arkwrights often told stories of Noah and the flood. You will soon be creating your own Medieval town community, and enrolling as members of guilds (clubs) that contribute in some way to the community.

Your first task is to research life in the first half of the thirteenth century (100-150’s) in Europe.

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You are to use print, visual and electronic sources of information and you may use note form and diagrams to respond to the following in your Arts books

1. What did people eat?

. What did people wear?

. What jobs were done?

4. Who were members of a typical small town?

5. What was a typical day like for

a. Monks

b. Shepherds

c. Blacksmiths

d. A lady

6. How did members of the community keep warm, dry and happy?

7. What games did they play?

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