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Two Roads in Life

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Two Roads in Life

Robert Frost is a legendary writer, whose poems have influenced many lives. “The Road Not Taken” is undoubtedly the most famous poem in Frost’s collection. This poem examines the different choices people have to make in life. At times they are forced to choose the customary road, which everyone uses and the road that is less frequently visited. In either case, the individual will learn a lesson in life. Frost uses imagery and first person to bring the poem alive for the reader to understand. Many people in society can relate to Frost’s poem in a way, which is regarded to their personal life. “The Road Not Taken” has an interpretation and relation to modern society, which impacts the various audiences.

Robert Frost writes about two different roads in his poem, which symbolizes the difficult decisions that people have to make in life. One road is the road that is most commonly used, because it is easier for people. However, sometimes people need to learn to choose the difficult path in order to learn from their mistakes. Frost understands that he “could not travel both” roads in his life, because they are two different choices. Each road in life has a different consequence and it is up to the traveler to choose which one he or she takes. Frost decides to stand at the two roads and look to see where his destination will be. He could have chosen the easier road that is most commonly taken, but he decides to take “the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Frost is making a point that, as a result of choosing the road that is less frequently used, he is able to gain confidence in his life. He is not afraid of a challenge, which makes him wiser. Many people in the present society are able to relate to Frost’s poem, because of the message it sends out to readers.

People have to make difficult decisions everyday in society, but it is the decision they choose to make that is most important. Frost’s poem appeals to many people in varies situations,

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because the poem is able to relate to everyone in one way or another. In most cases, an individual is forced to endure the consequences of a poor decision he or she makes. Life is filled with people who are forced to “look down one [road] as far as I [they] could to where it bent in the undergrowth.” As a result of the choice they make, many outcomes will occur in the future. A person can be a follower and choose the road where everyone else chooses or a leader, who makes his or her own path to success. In order to learn from their mistakes, people need to take the road that is less traveled to mentally grow, “and that has made all the difference.” A person will be able to do anything he or she sets their mind to after taking a tough road in life. Decisions are a part of life, which can influence people in a great way if they do not make the right choice. In the end, everyone will have to pick one road, and it will come with its own consequences no matter what.

Robert Frost is famous for his poem, “The Road Not Taken,” which depicts two roads that can impact him if he does not choose the correct one. Frost discusses that he chooses to take the road that is less traveled by others in order to learn from his faults. People need to make their own decisions to gain knowledge of the world around them. Everyone is able to associate an event in their lifetime when they are forced to make a difficult decision, which requires them to take the less common choice. As a result of their decision, they can use their skills to provide solutions to problems that may occur in the future. Robert Frost’s poem illustrates the two roads that people commonly arrive to, in order to pass another crucial point of their life. People should choose the road that enables them to learn and grow wiser in future, which is the road tat is not frequently used.


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