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Life in the Treetops

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This book is all about Margaret D. Lowman and her life. She was born and raised in the United States but later moved to Australia to do her research. She met her husband there who was a sheep farmer and they had two kids. Her mother-in-law didn’t support her and neither did her father-in-law. She didn’t really get along with her husband because she was so interested in science and he was so interested in farming so they eventually got a divorce. In Australia Margaret Lowman studied the rainforest. Most of all she liked to study the canopy of the rainforest. She researched the dieing out of the trees and how long each leafs life span was, and just why that they were dyeing out so fast. When she first started her research she was having to climb by ropes and ladders but later on in her research she put up bridges across the canopy so u know longer had to climb up a rope to each tree you could just walk across the bridge. She did this in many places all throughout the world.

The main characters in this book are Margaret Lowman and her two sons. Her sons names are Eddie and James. They were the most important people in her life. Her students from where she later went on to teach college, and her professors from her college days played an important role in her life. She took them on some of her research trips, and just different places. One of the places that she went was the African rainforest where she went up into the canopy on a raft and did all of her research from there.

This book is definitely a study of biology because it talks about the adventures of a woman in field biology. Margaret Lowman studied the rainforest canopy and why trees die out and how long they last. She went all around the world studying the rainforest. She built the first swinging bridge across the canopy. If she hadn’t have decided to build the bridge across the canopy people still might not be able to have that much access to the rainforest canopy.

The information in this book is so useful because if it hadn’t been for her research we wouldn’t know a lot of the things that we know today. Her studies showed that a beetle in the rainforest was eating some of the trees and making them die out and that other trees leaves may live up to 0 years. While she was in the rain forest she discovered new plants and animals that had never been discovered before. These findings could lead to the cure for cancer or many other harmful diseases, it could also just help to save the rainforest. She went and studied sea snakes with her professor and studied plants in the ocean. Her professor got bit by a deadly sea snake but didn’t have any side effects from it at all. They determined in which conditions the sea snakes lived and which they didn’t. This will help us to be careful in certain places so that we won’t get bitten by a sea snake. The research that she has performed over her lifetime is so amazing and it will help out in so many different ways.

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This book wasn’t hard to read at all. It had some big words in it that I didn’t understand but it explained them at the bottom of the page. The beginning of the book was hard to understand because all it did was give you facts about trees and the

rainforest, it didn’t talk much about her or what she was doing. I didn’t understand some of the things that she was doing through out the book, later on throughout the book it started explaining them better. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read things about biology and the environment. I don’t really like to read so reading this book wasn’t very much fun for me, but for anyone who interested in things like this it would be an amazing book for them to read.

Amber Boatwright

Margaret. D. Lowman

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