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Driving Away

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Liz -Mum (widow)

Claire -Daughter

Jack -Clair’s boyfriend

Peter - Liz’s husband (now dead)

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She gently laid the flowers down and stepped aside, a cold tear rolled down her cheek and hit the gravestone. It had been three years since Peter had died. She gazed at his name, and memories flooded back.

Her daughter wandered into the kitchen, she sat down at the table and hugged her hot mug of coffee, the steam wafted into her face and she looked up.

“Mum? ” it was said wheedly with that you don’t want to know this but, tone of voice

“I’ve got a new boyfriend called Jack and I’ve invited him over for Sunday lunch this weekend.”

Her mum’s heart sank “and who are you expecting to cook, I’m not a mass vending machine.”

“But mum I’ve promised him now, I can’t go back on my word”

“You should of thought of that first, now stop being so selfish, and finish your homework.”

“But” Liz’s stern eyes glared right through Claire and made a whole on the other side, and she disappeared upstairs to sulk in her room.

Later after this ordeal her mum flopped down into the armchair and realised that her daughter had grown up, and was not an innocent child who could not fight for herself any more, but a young lady who has boyfriends!!! The whole family had been through a lot, there was Peter’s death and that really affected Claire and then recently she had her A-Levels, she worked so hard, and achieved what any mother could want, and be proud of, all A’s. We have both started to relax ready for the holidays but were still waiting for a reply from Oxford University to see if she has been accepted.

But in the mean time we will both really try to enjoy ourselves, because I want Claire to grow up normally just like any other family, but then what can replace Peter, a dad is so important to a child’s life, but we will manage, just.

The next week a letter arrived in the post addressed To Claire; Liz hesitantly picked it off the floor, and called for Claire, she came grudgingly down the stairs and saw what here mum was holding, she ran forward and snatched it out of he mums hands, then sat on the stairs. Her eyes were fixed on this letter, most of her life depended on the contents of this envelope. She tore open the seal and took the letter out, her mum heard her take a deep breath and saw her look down. A smile broke out and a tear glistened in her eye.

“I’ve been accepted” she shouted with a burst of happiness and her mum opened her arms and enclosed her daughter in her woolly grey fleece, and the smell of home, flooded into Claire. Liz was so happy for her and immediately, they were phoning all the family and her friends, and many came round to congratulate her including Jack, Clair’s boyfriend! But luckily her mum behaved herself and made him welcome. Soon the fuss had died down and everybody had gone home including Jack.

At the end of September Liz was helping Claire to pack her clothes and belongings in to suitcases and boxes ready to transport them into her new house in Oxford with five other flat mates. Soon her car was filled to the brim, and while Claire was walking around the house to see if she had forgotten anything, her Mum was making her favourite, ham and gherkin sandwiches for the journey and placed them on the car seat next to the map. Claire then slowly walked out of the house, and gently closed the door behind her, she turned and look up at the house; she was leaving her past behind her but entering a new stage of her life instead. She walked up to her Mum and gave her a loving hug; no words were exchanged just looks and tears (from Liz). Claire got in the car, slammed the door shut and started the engine, she waved out of the window as she slowly left her mother standing on the pavement alongside the lay-by where the car was always parked, Liz didn’t move even when her daughter was totally out of sight.

“Have a safe journey, and don’t forget to eat your sandwiches” Liz called out wishing Clair could hear.

She sat down on the wall, and realised that all the arguments were nothing compared to what she felt now, she took a deep breath and wiped away the tears, walking back into the house, she entered the kitchen and there were memories of Claire all around, photos, notes, even last nights meal which Claire hadn’t washed up, Liz chuckled, but wasn’t cross. She found herself sitting down at the table all alone, with a photo of Claire and Jack holding hands, a warm tear rolled down her cheek and hit the photo, she gazed at her daughters face, and happy, warm memories flooded back.

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