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Healthy lifestyle essay and healthy jounal

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From taking this health course I have learned a lot about my lifestyle. This new knowledge has caused me to be more aware of the choices I make. As a result I would change a few things and not change a few others in order to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Many of the changes I would make involve my diet. I would like to restructure my diet in order to improve my overall health as well as to help me maintain a healthy weight. Many of our most common health problems are associated with a poor or careless diet. By modifying my diet while I am still young I can form beneficial eating habits that may improve the quality of my entire life. One important change I would make to my diet is to increase my my intake of fruit and vegetables.

By increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables I would reduce my risk for several forms of cancer and lower my blood cholesterol level, thereby reducing my risk for cardiovasculardisease. The consumption of fruit and vegetables offers protection against colon and rectal cancer. In addition a fiber rich diet prevents the development of pre cancerous growths and Insoluble fiber reduces blood estrogen levels, which may affect the risk for breast cancer. This diet also provides protection against constipation. The fiber acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture and producing softer, bulkier stools that are easily passed. Also fiber helps produce gas, which in turn may initiate a bowel movement. Fiber reduces the risk of constipation and discomfort. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has alos been proven to reduce blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol. An added benefit is that some fiber foods help control calorie intake, which lower my risk for obesity.

A second important change in my diet would be to lower my intake of fats. I have learned to monitor my fat consumption by reading the labels on foods more carefully , and not eating the foods that are higher in fat. This creates a greater self awareness and increases the likelihood that I will Choose fat free or low fat foods. Simple changes such as Using olive oil for baking, and a low-fat margarine can also lower my fat intake. It is also beneficial to Choose lean meats or poultry. Remove skin, and broil or bake them rather than frying. . Eating less bacon, sausages, and hot dogs and using non fat dairy products are other good methods of lower fat consumption. Lowering my intake of fats will lower my cholesterol level, and my risk for certain types of cancer. It will also Lower my risk for heart disease., atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. As a woman it is particularly important for me to Increase my intake of calcium. My daily intake should be 1,00 milligrams. I can accomplish this by drinking more milk. Four cups a day will provide the amount of calcium I need. Other sources of calcium include calcium fortified orange juice, Green leafy vegetables, like broccoli,cauliflower, beans, and peas, Nuts, like sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts, Raisins. Increasing my calcium intake will reduce my risk for developing osteoporosis. This is of particular concern to me as osteoporosis is a very common disease among middle-aged to elderly women and is prevalent in my family. Calcium also helps to build stronger bones and teeth and to regulate the heartbeat. It can improve muscle contraction, bloodclotting, nerve impulse transmission, , and fluid balance within cells.

I would benfit from reducing my intake of carbonated soft drinks. They can cause me to excrete extra calcium, which may result in calcium being pulled out of my bones. Drinking alot of pop may lead to kidney stones. The side effects of drinking carbonated drinks are wakefulness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, indigestion, mild delirium, and heartburn. Some brands of pop contain as much as ½ teaspoons of sugar which is far too much to be considered part of a healthy diet. Another change I need to make is to Exercise more frequently and regularly. Exercising can reduce my risk for beingoverweight or obesity. This in turn can than lower my risk for diabetes,cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, gall bladderdisease, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, high blood cholesterol, pregnancycomplications, menstrual irregularities, hirsutism, stress incontinence, someforms of cancer, breast cancer, getting diseases, psychological disorders, andsurgical risks. Exercising will make the circulatory and respiratory systems more efficient, improve blood lipid and lipoprotein, improved bone mass, help to promotel weight loss , increase my life expectancy, increase immunity to disease, improved mental health and stress management. It is clear from this list of possible benfits that exercise is one of the most vital components to a healthy lifestyle.

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A change that would benfit not only myself, but others as well is to lower the amount of carbon monoxide I use. I can accomplish this by not using my car as much. By walking short distances instead of always driving I could lower my use of carbon monoxide considerably over the course of my lifetime. This is beneficial to everyone because carbon monoxide is a very harmful air pollution. The carbon monoxide in the atmosphere has many negative effects on all of life on earth. It is, in essence, a poison that causes multiple respiratory disorders and even death in some cases. Many doctors bleiev that recent increases in the numbers of young children suffering from asthma is a direct result of the increse of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere. Carbon monoxide also causes the global warming effect on the earth’s surface. There are things in my lifestyle that I would not change to insure a healthy lifestyle. My decision to not use tobacco is one aspect of my lifestyle that I would never change. By not using tobacco I am reducing my risk for cardiovascular disease. I am dramatically lowering my chances of getting lung cancer and other cancers too, In additon I have lowered my chances of acquiring many other diseases such as respiratory disorders, and stroke.

I would also not change my decision to severely limit my intake of alcohol. My low frequency of drinking alcohol has reduced my chances of getting breast cancer, brain damage,coronary artery disease, liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, cancer, indigestion, heartburn, inflammation of the esophagus, chronic stomachirritation, problems with intestinal absorption, and chronic diarrhea,inflammation of the pancreas. It also increases the likelihood that I will have a successful professional and personal life.

I would not change my recycling habits. Recycling has many benefits too me and the rest of the world. By recycling I am helping to reduce the amount of hazardous waste. Hazardous dump sites have toxic properties that poses a threat to humans and the environment. We can only fill up dump sites for so long and than where are we going to dump our waste? By recyclying I am reducing the amount of water contamination, soil contamination, air pollution, and waste of valuable resources. It is important to me that I maintain a healthy lifestlye. It is important not only because I want to improve the quality of my own life but so that I can be a positive role model for my children as well. They have a much better chance of choosing al healthy lifestyle when they become adults if they have seen it and experienced it as children.

To ensure the most optimal lifestyle for myself and my children I would Increase my intake of fruit and vegetables lower my intake of fats, increase my intake of calcium, reduce my intake ofcarbonated drinks, exercise more frequently and regularly, and lower my use offossil fuels. I will continue to abstain from tobacco use , moderate my intake ofalcohol, and practice good recycling habits. I believe that the quality, length, and happiness of my own life will be improved because of these choices and that my children will benfit as well.


February 1st Food Two pieces of toast With jam,a handful of goldfish, two tacos from taco bell. Exercise Moved most of my belongings from one house to another. I carried boxes up and down stairs about sixty times. I had no time to eat today and had to make a quick run to taco bell just to eat. I didn’t eat very healthy today, although I didn’t eat very much and exerscised all day long.

FEBRUARY ND Food Bowl of cheerios,lasagna, and peanut butter and jelly sndwich

Exerscise Moved the rest of my belongings to my new house. I moved about forty boxes up and down stairs. I had a little bit more time to eat today and was able to eat healthy and I exercised a considerable amount.

February rd Food Eggs and bacon, salad, yogurt, and bowl of pasta. Exercise I had no time to exercise today

February 4th Food Banana,macaroni and cheese, chicken salad. Exercise I had no time for exerscise today

February 5th Food Bowl of kixs, fettucini alfredo, Steak with potatoes and greenbeans.

Exercise I went for a forty five minute walk with my children and pushed them in their double stroller.

February 6th Food Breakfst egg mcmuffin from mcdonalds, strawberries, bowl of begetables, lemon chicken

February 7th Food Nutri grain bar, crackers with cheese, turkey sandwich, steak with potatoes. Exercise I had no time to exercise

February 8th Food Two pieces of toast, two piece kentucky fried chicken meal, hamburger sandwch. Exercise Half hour of high and low impact exercise.

February th Food Bowl of cheerios, fruit salad, lean cuisine meal. Exercise I had no time for exercise today.

February 10th Food Bannana and strawberry milk shake, salad with lots of vegetables,pork chops,mashed pototoes. Exericise half hour of high and low impact exercise.

February 11th Food Apple, macaroni and cheese,apple sauce, candy bar.

February 1th Food pancakes with jam, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, rice a roni, pork chops. Exercise No time for exercise today

February 1th Food Vegetables with dip, five cookies, three cupcakes.

Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics

February 14th Food Applesauce, Peanut butter toast, half of a new york steak and green beans. Exercise half hour of pushing my children in their stroller.

February 15th Food French toast, yogurt with strawberries, Chicken breast with corn.

Exercise No time to exercise today.

February 16th Food Beef soup, turkey sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich

Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact exercise.

February 17th Food Bowl of cheeriios, broccli and carrots, hamburger helper

Exercise Half hour of pushing my children in their stroller.

February 18th Food Bannana, hamburger helper, tator tots.

Exercise No time for exercise.

February 1th Food Granola bar, chips, apple, meat loaf.

Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics.

February 0th Food Bowl of grape nuts, chicken alfredo, tacos

Exercise half hour of pushing my children in their stroller

February 1st Food Toast, fruit salad, grapes, lasagna

Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics.

February nd Food Fruit bar, chicken noodle soup, lasagna, ice cream

Exercise No time for exercise.

February rd Food Bowl of cheerios, meatball sandwich from subway, turkey with stuffing Exercise half hour of pushign my children in their stroller

February 4th Food jelly toast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lasagna.Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics.

February 6th Food Turkey bacon and eggs, spaghetti, apple, lean cuisine meal Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics.

February 7th Food Bannana and strawberries, salad with chicken, Exercise No time for exercise.

February 8th Food pancakes, Exercise Forty five minutes of high and low impact aerobics.

February Exercise

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