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The world � demoralized. When I think of the world today, I have to ask myself “whose poor excuse is this for a world?”. The big city environments are corrupt and full of drugs, a place where people slaughter each other for money, an environment in which the negative aspects effected me greatly. Ultimately, making me appreciate peaceful, small town living.

I grew up in a small town nestled in the rolling foothills, secluded from the violent and drug filled environment of a big city. Because the town was so small, there was never anything to do. When I was young it wasn’t so bad. Although I was the only child, I had a good imagination; I made my own fun. As I got older, however, I started to use my imagination less and less. Life got more boring day by day. I needed to get out, experience a more exciting life elsewhere; a city perhaps. I yearned to see the big city lights, and experience the nightlife. Sure, the environment wasn’t the safest, but it couldn’t be so bad. I was wrong.

My best friend lived in a town larger than I did, and close to a city. I decided to spend a summer with her, to experience a different way of life. I had no idea how different it would be. There, I experienced an event that would forever change the way I viewed my boring yet safe hometown. I still remember that day � watching my friend get stabbed; a dispute over drugs, a dispute I was involved in. Me, a small town girl took a free hit of meth; played a part in a fight, which led to my friend’s stabbing. I can’t forget her body lying there in a pool of blood, the look of anguish on her face. In one week I had went from a small town girl never experiencing any trauma, to witnessing a drug war. I rode in the ambulance with her. I never would have thought that that ride would change my perception of the world today. The paramedic asked me what had happened. After telling him the story, he shook his head in disappointment and muttered “kids these days…”

As hard as it may be to believe, those three words touched me in a way no other words have before. I looked down at my friend, in agony, over drugs. I thought of how easily this could have been prevented, and how easily it could have been me. My eyes opened to see how abysmal the road I was heading down really was. Because of those simple words, and what had happened to my friend, I promised myself I would never succumb to drugs again. I wanted to inform anyone who I thought may be heading down the same road I was, of my horrific story with hopes to direct them down a more auspicious road. I ask you to stop and think for a moment of how deplorable the world really is. Think of girls, twelve years old, selling their bodies for drugs, hundreds of people dying per year over drugs or money, parents neglecting their children, instead getting high; what about the children, growing up and seeing this sort of thing everyday. This isn’t going to effect them positively, they’re likely to view drugs as a way of life, and be more likely to use. This is what the cities have come to, and it’s not getting better.

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Now looking back at my boring town, I realize that boring is a better environment than corrupt. After seeing how cities operate, I realize that I took my safe little town for granted. Towns are wondrous, you can hear an emergency siren, and assume it’s a fire, not wonder if someone you know may have just been shot for their shoes. Cities may be more fun, but that fun comes at a price.

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