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Supernatural Phenomenon

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The house I grew up in was over two hundred years old. There were newer additions added to the house but the older parts were made of logs with mortar in-between these logs that had horsehair as part of the mixture.

Growing up in this house has left me with some very interesting stories. On hot summer days, there would be cold drafts. Sweet smells of perfume. Objects would move and sway all by themselves. When no one else was around you would hear the sound of footsteps over squeaky floors. Out of all these strange occurrences there are two incidents that I will never forget.

As I lay in bed fast asleep a most unusual sensation come over my body and awoke me. I was lying on my back with my head turned towards the right. When I opened my eyes I heard the creak of the opening attic door in my bedroom. I saw a white, transparent, humanly figure appear in the doorway. It floated slowly across my bedroom. The door to exit my room then creaked as it opened and the humanly figure was gone. Lying there unable to believe my eyes, I tried calling out to my mother. I realized that I was unable to move, speak, or call out for help. Totally frozen. Paralyzed.

During the summers my cousin Cathy would spend the night with me. My room was a typical teenagers room with papers, clothes and other debris on the floor. One night while we lay in bed with the lights off talking we heard the sounds of footsteps, which made the papers on the floor crinkle. We both immediately stopped talking.

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Did you hear that? I asked.

Yes I did, where is the cat? she said.

The cat is outside, I replied.

The crinkling footsteps stopped when Cathy and I began talking. Once we realized the cat was not making the noise we pulled the covers up over our heads. We lay there silently uncertain as to what we should do. She finally got up enough courage to run across the room and turn on the light switch. We slept the rest of the night with the lights on.

After all of these years, my mind is unable to forget these two supernatural phenomenons. I will always wonder, who were these visitors of mine? Why did they make their presence known to me? These experiences make for great stories when people find out that I lived in a haunted house. I will forever remember my ghostly

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