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Downsizing is defined as a reduction in the number of employees, and sometimes in the number of operating units within a company. It began as a strategy of weak corporations as a way to reduce the costs of the company. Shareholder wealth was the main concern, and companies were willing to do whatever they thought necessary to convince the market that the stock price should rise. The stock price had become more important in the decisions of top management because many companies were offering stock options to them as part of their salaries.

Downsizing was being used as a survival strategy by corporations who were trying to increase their market values especially in Turkiye. It was often perceived as making a company more competitive in todays global marketplace. In typical downsizing, a profitable firm would announce to the public that it was firing a large percentage of its workforce. The idea was that the market would get excited and begin buying up the firms stock at a higher price. But, there are different views on how stockholders react to this kind of news.

The idea that downsizing increases stock prices is fueled by the belief that if earnings are to be maintained and improved, corporations have one alternative-cut costs. This usually meant cutting jobs because trimming the payroll seemed to be an easier way to increase profits in the short run. Downsizings also had everything that a company wanted when trying to increase stock prices-they were tragic and newsworthy and they showed that a company was serious about its cash flow.

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Downsizing not only reduces the number of employees, but often shrinks the number of management levels as well, and middle managers have been particularly vulnerable to downsizing changes. Downsizing is usually done by a company because of the perceived effect of more efficiency, resulting in cost reductions.

This trend has emerged due to the idea that corporate downsizing will increase the stock price of a company. This paper will focus on this issue by looking at two major companies who have downsized in the last few years and the effects, if any, that it had on their stock prices.

The word of Downsizing has became a very powerful meaning in Turkiye last three years. The economic crisis, and the bad market situations in Turkiye made managers learn downsizing in their managements. Everyone tried to distribute their risk instead of takeing the risks by himself. We also have learned the stocks values, and we have been trying to manage our bussiness with minimum value of costs.

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