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The Ususal suspect

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The Usual Suspect

This movie, The Usual Suspect was not presented in an usual style, the plot was not completely revealed on the scene, it is a movie that led the viewers to think deeply in order to puzzle the plot together. The director of The Usual Suspect Bryan Singer presented the movie with an extreme fragmented sequence, which helped create a high sense of mystery to the viewers. There was also a significant symbolic quote that tied together different fragments of the plot “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

The movie began and ended with the same scene, the primary sequence of this movie was created in a cycle. Verbal then began to recite the story to the Kujan in the police station; through out this recital, the director incorporated many flash backs and showed the actual crime scenes as it replayed in Verbal’s mind. Although in reality it is a very logical sequence in one’s mind; but in a movie, all the fragmentation jumping around created manyconfusions for the audience. Therefore, thinking is a mandatory requirement to understand this movie. Other then fragmentation that distracted the viewers from the plot, it also created suspense to the movie.

A symbolic quote from the movie “ The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”, this quote is a very significant quote that revealed the whole mystery. This quote was said by Verbal, who obviously said this to mislead the police. The symbolic nature is himself, the devil is sitting in a police station fooling with the cop’s mind; convincing the cop that he, himself does not exist. Yet, the police completely fell for it and totally thought he was an useless crippled man used by the smartest criminal. Verbal was the most wanted criminal Keyser Soze, sitting in a police station telling the crime to the police. He, himself as Keyser Soze had totally control over the police’s mind. As Soze walked out of the police station, Kujan suddenly recalls this quote and all the fragments from the movie was quickly puzzling together to revealed that they had Soze in their hands and they just they him walked out as a free man.

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Bryan’s method was probably the best way to present this movie because all the fragments from the movie ties together to reveal the mystery, while though out the movie it requires a lot of thinking. Also all the fragmentation is very symbolic, such as the effective conclusion he created from a crippled man slowing walking out of the police station and his walking eventually progressed into straight walking like any other normal man. The smartest criminal walked out from a police station after being questioned by an expert investigator as a freeman. This movie was fragmented effective enough to led the audience into the movie and revealed the whole mystery of the movie in the last five minutes of the movie.

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