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raisin in the sun

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The certainty that the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can become reality for anyone willing to work for them is what we call the American dream. For many, the dream does come true. For many it does not.

Lorraine Hansberry knew about disappointment, false hope, and despair. For many of her African-American ancestors who had come North for a better life only to find exploitation and frustration, the dream had become a nightmare. In contemporary terms, she chronicles their nightmare in A Raisin in the Sun, an epic story of the Younger family struggling to realize the dream by escaping ghetto life. Hansberrys screenplay not only tells the story of the Youngers but reveals the plight of all who have failed dreams.

Her cosmic vision gives Raisin its power. For high school juniors who often study U.S. history concurrently with American literature, this previously unpublished version of the screenplay allows students to read an engrossing American play, while they experience a culture that either mirrors their own lives or provides a window into a world of people who are more similar to them than they are different from them.

Raisin is an excellent choice for literature, drama, history, and film classes. There is plenty of action, salty dialogue, and a cast of dynamic characters to captivate even the most video-ed out teenager. Rebellion against parents and frustration with a lifestyle that brings little gratification are conditions most young people endure. However, beneath the cynical veneer of the adolescent beats the heart of an idealist who wants to believe in dreams that do come true. Through Hansberrys careful craftsmanship, the universal themes of the importance of dreams and the frustration of dreams deferred, the strength of family, the importance of not selling out, the problems of conflicting expectations, the belief that love and trust will win over deceit and selfishness, and the dangers of prejudice and stereotyping are as powerful today as they were nearly four decades ago when she wrote the play. Todays students, often from fractured families, need as much exposure as possible to values taught within a traditional family unit, and Raisin delivers without preaching.

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Another reason for using Raisin is its historical value. The play is a provocative reflection of racial attitudes of the 150s and of today. Prejudice assumes many forms, and Hansberrys characters and the screenplays visuals bring this theme to life in a way no textbook could.

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