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Lots of people think that if you lose something, that it will be lost forever. To me, nothing is ever really lost; the things you have or own will always be with you, maybe not physically but always in your memory. And yes, when you lose things like a family member, a pet or friend, it is comforting to look at the good times. But we also look at the bad times because talking from experience with my dads’ death, looking at just the good things doesn’t help as much as looking at both. For instance, when I think of my mom, I don’t just look at the good she does for me, I look at the things I don’t like that she does, because if you only look at the good things it’s like looking at something fake or not true.

The way I look at my dad’s death is that I lost someone that I never really got to know as much as I wanted to. But in a way it made me look at life differently and see how everything is never perfect, life does not always go the way you want them too. Through my dad’s death, I think that I have matured and now have a sense that fate has somewhat a control of my life. Also even though my brother and sister had more years with my dad, I had a closer relationship with him. Since I was the youngest, he paid more attention to me because my sister and brother were in high school at the time. I am glad that I had that -year relationship with one of the best dads in the world who always put his family first no matter what the situation was.

The way my dad passed away was he was on his bike riding home from the grocery store. He was on Lighthouse Ave. and there was a car wanting to turn left on to Cedar St.. So my dad was about to go around the car when all of a sudden a car hit him from behind and knocked him of his bike and he landed on his head and killed him instantly. The guy who hit him was on drugs and was intoxicated and passed out, and his girlfriend was trying to wake him up, but by trying to they hit my dad and was too late.

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People go through different ways of dealing with death. Some accept it and try to go on their lives; some deny everything about it and never want to face the fact that the person has passed away. At first I was in denial and always asking myself “why me? What did I do? What did he do to deserve this?” Finally after 7 years I got some help, I decided to see a psychologist. His name is Ron. I saw him for almost two years and all the help he gave me really worked. He helped me realize that its not anyone’s fault and that if you do have a problem and just ignore it, your problem will just eat you up inside and ruin you. Now after those two years I accept my dad’s death and see that death is not only bad but it also good. It brings people together to share the love they have for that special someone.

Ron’s impact on my life was very big. He influenced me to want to become a psychologist and help people like he did for me. Nothing is ever really lost, unless forgotten about, and if you do loose someone think of the good and the bad times that you and that someone has gone through.

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