Saturday, April 30, 2011

College Education

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Some say a college education isn’t worth the time and money, but personally I do think it is worth it. What would you do without a college education, work at McDonalds or some other fast-food restaurant? A college education is worth the time and money because it’s a lifetime investment, you’ll acquire lifelong skills, and you’ll make good money doing what you like to do.

First of all when you go to college you’re establishing a lifetime investment. This is something that will make the money and time that you invested in college worthwhile. It’s like a CD account or stock shares, except you’re investing yourself and each year you’re in college the more valuable you get. On the other hand though some don’t do well in school so their investment is not greater then others who do. After school is done with, you can except to make more money then what you were before.

Secondly, besides acquiring a lifetime investment, you’re going to be getting a lifelong skill that no can take away from you. This skill will make you money for years to come, and can possibly be taught to your children. This skill can be used to make money at work or outside of work such as your own business where you’re the boss and set your own hours.

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Last of all after graduating, assuming you found a job in your chosen field, you’ll be making money doing something you enjoy. Because you will be doing something you enjoy, you will be more enthusiastic, rather than dragging into work and complaining about how they don’t like their job. Since you will be more likely to perform better doing what you like, more raises, opportunities, and promotions are likely to happen.

A lifetime investment, lifelong skills, and doing what you enjoy are just some of the opportunities. With all this in mind, who would pass up a college education? For some, college may still not be their way of life, but for others who are smart and who want to get ahead, they know that college is worth it. Me, I went the smart way and chose college.

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